Primal Soul Piercing Studio

3160 E. Desert Inn Rd. Suite 22
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Featuring the work of World Renowned Piercer and Body Modification Artist,
Kala Kaiwi

Custom Piercings

With more than 2 decades of experience, Kala is able to provide work that not only compliments your body's structure, but will set your look apart from everyone else's. He is also well versed in more traditional piercings, but don't be afraid to push that line into something new and adventurous with Kala! There's never been a better time to stand out!

Piercing Repair

Oftentimes, the idea of a piercing or body modification goes more smoothly than the procedure or healing, itself. Kala is experienced in assessing and repairing damaged tissue from past piercing traumas, and bringing your original idea to life!

Custom Jewelry

Kala not only does custom piercings, but designs the actual jewelry used in these procedures. Connect with him today about your piercing ideas!

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